Rachael Duthie RGN

Sexual Health & Drugs Specialist Trainer

Email: rachaelpmduthie@gmail.com

“Rachael is a superb trainer. We have worked together on several occasions and she is always well prepared and enthusiastic. She has a real passion for her work and is able to transfer her knowledge to others in an interesting and stimulating way whilst ensuring she gets key messages across.

We have co-delivered training focusing on abortion and she appropriately challenges participants so they can consider both their own and others views in a respectful way. She is not afraid to tackle controversial subjects and justify the need for participants to be aware of the issues.”

(Julia Cullum, Workforce Development Adviser, Cambridgeshire County Council)

I can offer training to adults who are working with older children and young people. I have worked in a variety of educational establishments, from private schools to pupil referral units. I also have extensive experience both clinically and in training other professionals. I have the skills to support your professional needs. The training can be for full or half days, other time spans are open for discussion.


Are you wondering how to have conversations with your students about sex and drugs? Are you wanting to get more up-to-date knowledge or have an opportunity to discuss new areas of concern?

If so I can tailor training for you to look at all aspects of sexual health, drugs and alcohol in accordance with your PSHE curriculum. I can cover topics that you would find most useful based on your students' needs and concerns. Alternatively I can deliver the teaching myself to your students (see teaching).

Youth workers:

Do you have a youth group who are struggling with saying no? Do you have concerns about their sexual behaviour or drug and alcohol use?

If so I can offer a training course for youth workers in your area to look at their issues and ways you might think of addressing this.

I can also run sessions for your youth group myself and address any concerns in interactive sessions (see teaching).

Support Workers:

Are you working with hard to reach young people and feel you need more input on how to address their issues and concerns? Are you are working alone and are not sure what is acceptable for the young person to engage in?

I can offer a group session designed for your needs that can cover the concerns you have and start to look at ways to address them.

I can also run sessions with a group of young people who may be struggling with mainstream education.

If you would like to talk through training possibilities then please do email me: rachaelpmduthie@gmail.com.